The Naming Policy applies to character names, as well as pet & guild names.

Character names may not:

  • Reflect, glorify or emulate any real-world group or organization, terrorist groups, criminal elements, discriminating organizations or their leaders and figureheads. This includes names of real-world military, political or religious groups.
  • Be pure gibberish, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, pedophilia, diseases, offensive, hurtful, harmful, promote drugs, profane, anti-gay, and ethnically, racially or sexually offensive or target any real-world hostility toward a specific nationality, race or religion.
  • Be combined names/ Partial or Complete Sentences
    • Consists of first and second names combined as one name (i.e, Genesimmons and Inyourface)
  • Be Real World References/Media figures/Religious figures
    • Are references to well known people, characters, places, or icons (i.e. Britneyspears, Superman, Churchill and Newyork)
  • Impersonate or parody any employee or representative of Mortal Online, Star Vault AB, Customer Support personnel or volunteers.
  • Contain Titles (Does not apply to Guild or Pet Names)
  • Fantasy titles should be earned through the mechanics of the game, and should not be recreated
  • Advertising/Trademarks
    • Are trademarked/licensed by any company or an individual around the world

Note: Other names may be deemed inappropriate at a GM’s discretion.

28.05.2010 - Star Vault AB