Non-interference policy outline


Please keep in mind that this is an outline and not the detailed policy as publishing internal documents, especially procedural details, would impair the customer support.

As developers of a Sandbox MMO we understand that any kind of interference in the active gameplay can potentially spoil the experience for the players. However sometimes this is a necessary step to take but we want to briefly outline the content of the non-intervention policy the ingame support team is bound to. A list of the most common reasons for interfering in the gameplay includes, but is not limited to:
An exploit of game mechanics
An ingame mechanic is malfunctioning and a player needs assistance
A player or a group of players experience(s) a game-breaking problem with their character(s)
A player is being harassed as per definition in the TOS
Any action taken by the ingame support staff is in essence based on ensuring that the TOS are being followed by the community. However we can break down the core “guidebook” of the ingame support into two principles:



Principle of equality


Any action taken by the ingame support staff is based on the principle of equality. Meaning that based on the severity of an issue (minor/medium/major) an equal response/interaction/intervention is justified. A minor problem will not lead to a major intervention.
For example: The ingame support staff will not interrupt an ongoing event because of a minor bug, but instead take notice and address the situation at the next convenient moment. This could mean engaging a player in a private conversation and/or moving the player to a different location in order to resolve the issue.



Principle of accountability


All actions and communications of the ingame support staff are logged. If a player feels that he or she was mistreated, falsely accused or in any other way unjustly inconvenienced by the ingame support staff the player can contact Star Vault at any time and the issue will be reviewed. Based on the findings action may or may not be taken. Please understand that this can be a very time consuming process so the time it takes to process an individual complaint can vary greatly.
Complaints regarding the ingame support should be sent in via the support system or alternatively to the Community Manager.


Nov. 25th 2010


Please note that this policy can be subject to change at any time.